Meet Jeff

smalljeffyheadHi. I’m Jeff, and when I’m not being a graphic artist by day, I write for the Internets and create unique baseball replay fiction by night—which I then publish as books. My past lives as a weekly newspaper journalist, film critic, and produced screenwriter didn’t exactly prepare me for my current writing style, but they did teach me how to self-edit and obliterated even the notion of writer’s block, so for those I’m grateful.

I’m a native Massachusetts man now living in beautiful Culver City, California. I believe above all else that writing is meant to be enjoyed, and whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, should be crafted with that in mind. This page includes links to my three published baseball novels, all available (or soon to be) on Amazon, as well as to my baseball replay blog sites and collected Internet pieces on various topics for various sites. I will blog about things in our weird, fascinating world that inspire me as often as I can, and with my nutty schedule it will be as often as I can manage.

Thanks for coming, and hope to see you again soon.



5 thoughts on “Meet Jeff

      • Jeff,

        That was quick.

        You have my email, my cell 802-373-4330. I’ve been living in S Burlington since 2004, having moved from Huntington to Middlebury in 1986, then to Bend, Oregon, for eleven years, where my kids still live, then back here. Nearly retired, working one day a week.

        I’m looking forward to buying the new baseball season tomorrow, my first revisit to the computer version since I lived in Middlebury. Have been playing the dice version solo more in the past 18 months than in a long time.

        I wasn’t surprised to see your name linked to the Strato website, nor that you organize and write about tournaments. I’ll need to seek out more of your writing.

        I walk past Bill’s old book shop every so often and wonder how everyone’s doing. Last contact with Bill was close to his wedding. I think I see the photo or byline of your ex-Burlington girl friend or her mother occasionally in the area.

        I do go to bed early and also keep in mind the 3 hour time difference.

        Nice to say Hi.




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