A Snappy Invasion of San Francisco

jeffyodoulsWell, my summer and early fall book event calendar for Mystery Ball ’58 is starting to simmer on the stove. Kicking it off will be a reading at Skylight Books in L.A. on Sunday July 12th at 5 p.m., which will also include a rockin’ baseball “in conversation” with author/journalist Dan Epstein afterwards.

Second, I’m in the preliminary stages for some public library readings up in beautiful Fresno in early August (exact date TBD), and in September, look out San Fran! On Wednesday the 23rd I will have a book party at the legendary Lefty O’Douls Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge at 333 Geary Street, with a possible preliminary event at the Double Play Bar and Grill at 2401 16th Street, right across from where Seals Stadium once stood! Both establishments are featured in various scenes in Mystery Ball, so they’re the perfect venues to read at.

As if those weren’t fun enough, the next night on the 24th I’ll also be spewing sinister Snappy Drake selections at the lovely Sausalito Public Library, just across the foggy Golden Gate.

Anyone who’s in the general vicinity of the Bay Area, stop on by!


2 thoughts on “A Snappy Invasion of San Francisco

  1. We were really looking forward to hearing you talk about Mystery Ball at Lefty’s, but unfortunately September 23rd is Yom Kippur, so we won’t be able to attend.

    Looking forward to Dear Hank as well.


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