Good News!

10599430_10205937680908737_8375732390110466652_nMYSTERY BALL ’58, the book version of my year-long replay blog from a few years back, has been published by the distinguished Grassy Gutter Press and is now available on Amazon.

Trust me, it’s a real fun read. Narrated in pulp detective style by Snappy Drake, a Seals Stadium usher who finds a dead body in his grandstand section after the very first game the Giants play in San Francisco, I wove a lot of colorful Bay Area culture into the narrative, and designed the interior of the book (matching Bethany Heck’s wonderful cover) to look as much like a 1950s Black Lizard Press paperback as I could. If you love baseball, mystery, and history, you should really dig it. And if you do, feel free to add a customer review on the Amazon page, whether it be anonymous or nonymous.

Right now I’m working diligently to set up some readings, signings, and podcast appearances, hopefully with a bunch in the Bay Area, where much of the story takes place. Stay tuned, pals…


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